how to make money fast

how to make money fast

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We would love to claim just “five minutes” as countless and countless of articles out there, but believe me, two hours is the shortest time that a smart person can understand what we write, and without any part in the below sections, everything will be inadequate.

We can understand your question is “how to make money fast“, but we want to answer the question “how to make money fast with the highest possible rate”.

I- The question you are interested in- “how to make money fast?” is also the question of innumerable people in the world.

To be a bit more specific: The world has 7.6 billion people, 4.96 billion of whom are adults and we know that, along with the question of “How to be happy”, “how to make money fast” is the biggest, most common and most important question to everyone in this world.

Ever since we grow up, we usually spend our lives to make money. Many retire at the age of 60. Many work until the last breath to make the “becoming rich” dream come true. But most people cannot achieve that dream.

To be even more specific: Although owning $ 1 million cannot be called rich, no one thinks that with net worth, you can be poor.
In the world in which we live, only 0.72% of adults have a net worth of $ 1 million or more. This means that 99.28% of people cannot achieve their dream of being rich throughout their lives.

The conclusion here is that: Wealth is not just your desire, it is also the dream of all adults. And it is so hard that more than 99% of people cannot achieve that dream in their lifetime.

II- Wealth has many characteristics but the following characteristics are the most important:
For the sake of simplicity, let’s imagine a little bit: if you and almost everyone around had $1 million in the bank, then would having $1 million be considered rich?
We believe almost everyone has the answer.
The answer if you do not know it is “no”.
$1 in 1900 is $29.4 at this time.
This shows us that wealthiness appears at a small percentage, even teeny tiny percentage.

III- Back to the 0.72% of adults with the net worth of over $1 million, of course there are Bill Gate, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Amancio Ortega, Mark Zuckerberg, Carlos Slim Helu, Larry Ellison, Charles Koch, David Koch, Michael Bloomberg, etc. – all the richest billionaires in the world at this time.
So the question is: If you want to be on the top 0.72% in the next 10 years, would the names above, “your opponents” still be on the top?

The answer is not difficult, and if you do not know then it is “Most likely”. A large portion of the rich now will remain rich in the years to come.
Therefore, if you want to get in and become one of them, your chances are even lower. If you want to reach the top 0.72%, your chances are significantly less than 0.72%

More specifically, on average, in the past years, 71% of the rich was still be in the top in the following 10 years.
This means that only 29% of rich people will go out, and if you want to be on top 0.72% in the next 10 years, actually, the number of seats for you is only 0.21%. This means that your chance over the next 10 years, if you have almost no property now, is 1 in 478.

IV- Most people have: family, relatives, friends and teachers. Most people also can buy books, read articles on the newspaper, on the social networks.
We can easily see that the advice on how to make money fast from these sources is so abundant and we always feel warm because everyone seems to be telling you the secret, the tips really enthusiastically.
However, you should look at the truth.
The truth is that if those people had the right and adequate thinking, then surely they would be already rich, not as reality shows.
The question you should ask in mind is: Why do those people talk so relentlessly while they have been working for 10, 20 or 30 years without getting rich?
So in this section we need to understand that: You should not trust anyone talking about being rich, if they are not wealthy themselves.

You should understand that not all the things they say are wrong, but they realize not enough right things and so they add in some things that are wrong. They may tell you 10 things including 4 correct and 6 wrong. The wrong things will destroy the right and eventually they are not rich.
Actually the number of correct things that they should recognize is about 92 things and we are in the fourth thing.

This is interesting: it shows that we can be better off if we know that even though someone may love you, share and work with you on everything, but what they realize in life does not necessarily make things better for you.

V- In the fourth point, many people think I’m suggesting something like this: “Want to be rich? Learn from the rich.”
Let’s see Mayweather – a boxer known as an invincible puncher – he fights in a match and earns tens of millions of dollars and then “burns” all of that in a short time and falls into a situation where he has to continue to fight for money, or Johnny Depp a famous actor who earns a lot of money and also “burns” as much money. They simply cannot make you rich unless you are their loved ones and you get rich by taking their money.

I also know a young guy, he studied really well and then went to work at Google. After 10 years, he earned 350 thousand dollars a year, which he spent on dozens of cars. Once his sister asked him how to make money, his answer after a thoughtful consideration is exactly the same as what people often say: “Work hard, work as hard as possible. Then the success will come. In short, be really determined, thinking that you can do it then you will do it”
I learned this detail because his sister a few years later came to me and said she was still in vague and nothing was clear in her mind.

His words reminded me of the best-selling books sold in the world, so famous that they were translated into many languages ​​and are everywhere in the globe.
I can summarize the content of all such books. They are so similar that it’s odd. Sometimes when reading, you might wonder if the two authors are twins. Sometimes you even think there must be a great mother who gave birth to two or three dozens of identical-minded children who will tell you the following. In five minutes you can put in your head all the following:

“The rich believe that they create their lives and the poor think that life is full of surprises.”
This sentence is no different from the following sentence:
“The rich think big, the poor think small.”
And this sentence is the same as below:
– “The rich stand above their problems, the poor stand lower than their problems.”
It seems endless with a dozen of sentences similar to the three sentences above:
– “The rich focus on opportunities, the poor focus on the difficulties.”
– “Rich people know how to receive, poor people do not”
– “The rich are willing to honor themselves and their values ​​while the poor do not”
– “The rich act despite the fear, the poor let fear prevent them”
“The rich think both. The poor think one of the two.”
“The rich always learn and grow, and the poor think they know everything.”
– “The rich get money to serve themselves and the poor work hard to make money”
– “The rich participate in the money game to win, the poor join to not lose”
– “The rich focus on total wealth, the poor focus on income from employment”
“The rich mingle with the wealthy and the positive. The poor deal with the losers and the negative.”
“The rich prefer to be paid according to the results. The poor prefer to pay based on time spent”
“The rich know how to manage their money well, while the poor do not”

With each of those “slogan” or “inspirational quote”, they began to develop 15-20 pages per sentence and finally we have a book of 300 pages.
This is just the same way I read about the world’s toughest problems, but it’s always solved by millions of authors using the following words to express “In such ABC situations you have to behave wisely,” ” To solve the XYZ problem you need to have a reasonable method. “…” Wise” and” reasonable”are two words that can turn anyone into the best person in the world.

One of our greatest weaknesses is to believe in miracles. From childhood as children we have been crammed with so many superman thoughts, the superheroes who can throw a 30-storey building to fly into space.
I occasionally go to see the block busters, in which, often, the main character is punched down by the main enemy. He is in a nearly unconscious state and someone called his name “David, prove to people that you are David” After a few seconds, our protagonist springs up like a lion and smashes his opponent.
The fact is that if David was stunned for a few seconds, he would be in the hospital or worse.

Have you ever asked the children of wealthy people: what would be the chances of them becoming rich if their starting point was the same as everyone else?
In fact, in 1956, there was such a study. On one side are those taught so much by their rich parents and on the other side are those born in the ordinary family. Both of them earned the same income. The difference is negligible.

This led the research team to focus on the 50 richest among the 2200 rich people they studied. The surprising result is that the spending habit of children of the 50 richest makes them always broke. Their income is no different from people born in the poorest families.

The question we should be concerned about now is: If the 2200 people who reach such level of wealth cannot teach their children to be richer than other people (excluding inheritance), should we believe that the richest 2200 will be able to teach strangers to be rich like them?

Could Albert Einstein, one of the most renowned scientists in human history, teach 100 people to invent 100 things comparable to his theory of relativity.

We do not see him doing this. Assuming that he could do this, what makes him not say it out loud? If he hadn’t say it because of selfishness – of course Albert Einstein was not like that, but here is just our assumption – why did he not tell his son?

The answer may surprise many: We may not believe in this, but the rich can hardly teach others how to be rich.

VI- Next time if someone talks about getting rich and words like desire, faith, effort, commitment, worth, persistence … then you know we what we have to think in our head.
But there is a point about getting rich that I want you to know that it’s as popular as all the above. It’s so popular that I’m sure everyone who reads newspaper knows it. “If you want to get rich, just invest”
Everyone likes this idea: “When I’m sleeping, I still make money.”
Then people quoted the saying as following: “Compound interest is the eighth wonder in nature”
Numerous examples are given, for instance: “If you invest early, then after 30 years with compound annual interest of 15% from $ 15,000 you can earn: $ 1 million.

Let’s come to a small assumption:
I suppose our stock market has 1 thousand people.
And each of them initially has an equal amount of money and equal $ 10,000.
So this one thousand people have a total of $ 10 million.
Historically, on average, stock indices increase 4% every year, so after 30 years the market will have market capitalization of $ 32.4 million.

We know that in reality, the market has investors who can earn an annual profit of up to 29.5% per year. And in the market of one thousand people of our assumption, there is one such investor, he starts with $ 10,000 in capital like everyone. After 30 years with a profit of 29.5% per year, he will have: $ 23.3 million. Only he has 23.3 million dollars.

The remaining 999 people after 30 years of investment will have: 32.4-23.3 = 9.1 million.

At first, these 999 people have $ 10,000 each, so initially they have $ 9.99 million.

With that being said, after 30 years of investing in the “eighth wonder of the world” 999 people lost $ 890 thousand, out of $ 9.9 million.

Where do the richest people in the world in recent years like Bill Gates (if you do not know, Bill Gates earns most of his fortune in nearly two decades from the financial investments) or Warren Buffet earn hundreds of billions of USD from?

In a game, winners naturally come with losers, how many people do you think Bill Gates and Warren Buffett earn hundreds of billions of dollars from?

Another great scientist of human history, Issac Newton, invested in nearly all of his fortune in stocks in 1720. Later, he lost so much that he was “allergic” to everything related to the market.
What does this mean?

This means that if you are not really excellent and understand more than a great great number of other people in the stock market, do not invest. It has been found that in the long run most people lose money, the money they have saved all their lives.

VII. Can the above suggestions lead you to something?
If you haven’t figured out, I will remind you the names: Mayweather – boxer, Johnny Depp – actor, the guy working at Google, the guy who earned 29.5% profit after 30 years, Warren Buffett, …
They are all rich in different ways and they all have one thing in common.
They are all excellent in their field.

Imagine you are sitting in a room which is very large. Around you there are a lot of people. The number of people can reach a thousand.

Among this one thousand people, you know for sure there will be one best basketball player, one best salesman, one most beautiful person, one best student, one smartest person, one best actor, one best vocalists, one best writers, one best musicians, one best business person, one best costume designers, one who has the best ability to do politics, the best communicator, … There are so many people who possess different abilities in society. There are many different areas in the society.
These people will have to compete with each other to win the limited slots.

This means that even if we possess special abilities, we will still have to compete fiercely to win a share of the wealth. Possessing special abilities can increase your chances of becoming rich, but it is still a small percentage.

Most of us do not possess any special ability or even if we do, it can be at a lower scarcity level: maybe one in a dozen, one in a hundred. So how to be rich when not possessing any special talents?

That is the question that we are solving for you here.